Abel Mutua: I Fumbled Tahidi High Salary, My Finances For A Decade

November 10, 2022

Actor and filmmaker Abel Mutua has spoken about the importance of financial literacy after he managed his money poorly for 10 years.

Speaking on Joy Ride Podcast, Mutua admitted that he and his wife Judy Nyawira were bad with money and could not account for what they did with their millions.

Mutua started acting on Tahidi High while in college and said the money was good.

“It’s not that we even didn’t have money. We used to make money. We entered Citizen when I was 21 years old. The perks that came with just being on Tahidi High were big. One problem we had was the Messiah complex, where you feel like you want to save everyone. You get like Sh 200k and in less than three weeks, it is finished,”  he said.

Judy chipped in saying they sought financial assistance from an expert who helped them straighten their finances.

“We have fumbled with finances for a whole decade. Since we met in 2008, we got financial literacy in 2020. That’s the first time my salary met with another salary. We went through a short course with a chic called Val,” said Abel.

Judy added: “After 2020, we were very intentional with our money and started putting it together. The way we existed before, my money was mine and his money was his. Ever since we started putting our money together things now started moving. We realized we actually make money.”

Abel also joked about why money didn’t cause friction in their marriage.

“It didn’t have friction in our marriage because we were both bad with money,” he noted.

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