Amira Responds to Jamal’s Cryptic Message About Forgiving Partner

October 4, 2022

Businessman Jamal Roho Sai and his estranged wife Amira have appeared to trade jabs on social media.

It all started on Saturday after Jamal put out a post that seemed to be directed to Amira.

“When You are Dating To Marry, Date A Forgiving Partner, Not The One That Will Drag Issues From Nazareth To Galile,” he wrote.

Fans who have been keeping up with the couple concluded that Jamal was talking about Amira because she refused to forgive him after his short-lived love affair with Amber Ray.

Amira hit back at Jamal after a fan commented on her post that the businessman had screwed up.

“Walahi Jamal amejichuna maskio. Na iwe funzo kwa wengine wenye tabia kama yake. When a woman decides it’s done,” the fan wrote.

To which Amira replied; “Akule kachumbari zake pole pole.

Below are some reactions to Jamal’s post:

mghoi1963: Ulipoteza gold sasa uko bsy counting tomatoes.

ivy.yego: People take forgiving partners for fools though.

muthoni12346: Ni musimu wa nyanya ?maembe iliisha.

i_am_nittah_the_queen: 😂😂hii ni uchungu ya kutosemehewa, I feel your anger

kenyan_rn: When you’re dating to marry, marry a partner who knows what respect is…Not Father Abraham, who does not respect women! And more so the mother of his children. How about that!

hellenhellie: Women don’t forgive cheating buda, they can only tolerate you afterwards maybe because of the gain they get from you….nimekuibia siri

officialaisha_ke: And not the one who will make you go through pains and pains and still expect you to forgive them as quick as they want.

faizahcorey: But when you cheat do it with dignity not humiliating your wife Infront of the world then you expect forgiveness to come like very fast shot.

vickywambui98: And when you’re marrying marry a faithful partner.

90dfy: Yani even after ameclaim jina yako publicly tuone wewe bado ni wake hauna huruma.

njuguna_caro: Talk to her direct, nyumba kubwa.

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