Akothee Demands Refund After Fixing Govt Road in Migori

October 27, 2022

Celebrity musician and businesswoman Akothee has put the county government of Migori on the spot, demanding that she be compensated for fixing a government road.

Taking to social media, Akothee shared a video inspecting the said road in a village in Migori. She is heard chiding a contractor she hired to lay murram on the road which she says was impassable.

Akothee said she was proud of herself for fixing the road out of her own pocket

“I am so proud of myself. This road is a government road, it has been impassable with the heavy rains. All my people from this area avoided it and had to look for alternative roads, some parked their cars and used motorbikes with alternative roads,” the businesswoman wrote alongside the video.

Akothee noted that area residents can now use the road freely, and as a result, the Migori county government should compensate her.

“Today they can drive their cars and pass here for free. Migori County government should refund my money once the budget for roads is out,” the singer said.


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