Comedian Eric Omondi has blasted Kiss FM presenters Kamene Goro and Oga Obinna for criticizing his new character, Divalicious.

In his new production dubbed Divalicious Show, Omondi plays the role of a socialite called Divalicious and hosts fellow socialites.

Divalicious has however ruffled the feathers of a section of internet users, among them Kamene Goro and Obinna.

The radio personalities discussed Omondi on their morning show, bashing him for crossdressing and doing the most just to trend on social media.

But the funnyman hit back almost immediately, telling Kenyan entertainers that they are beneath him.

“If you are a Kenyan entertainer, do not ever address me. I have more followers than you, more money than you, more experience than you. Don’t ever address me, I’m saying this for the very last time. Leo naskia Obinna and Kamene wananiongelelea kwa Kiss FM. Obinna? Kamene? What is your talent? Who listens to Kiss? Your radio is dead. Don’t address me. You are lazy and stupid idiot. Don’t mention the Presidents name,” Omondi shouted.

He went on: “Have you ever left Kenya to do comedy, you are local? Don’t talk about Eric Omondi in your dead radio station.”

This sparked a counter-reaction from the Kiss FM presenters, with Kamene noting she is richer than Omondi.

I definitely have more money than you Bro, Wacha nisianza Kusema. Kunishinda labda followers. Keep you name out of your mouth.

“Haiaya basi arudishe Bikini awache kulia, a dance in peace. Naskia Shwarrey for the Bikini Eric Mondi Analia,” Kamene responded.

Obinna on his part said: “14 years you say? With what exactly to show from it? Nudes?? Btw Kitu umenishinda nayo ni followers wa IG pekee yake. You know where I work, come kesho morning 10AM nikupige wacha vitisho za IG mimi si Bien ama OG sitakusamehea!! Also tune in kesho morning KissFM sasa nikunyoroshe vizuri. I don’t insult I say painful truths. Listen to that audio/video again. Puga.”