Willy Paul’s Savage Reply to Fan After Video Showing Off Bundles of Cash

June 10, 2022

An internet user is nursing “injuries” sustained during an online confrontation with singer Willy Paul.

After a relatively lowkey presence on social media, the controversial singer marked his return with his usual theatrics on Wednesday.

Willy Paul uploaded to his Instagram profile, a video of him seemingly spoiling his sister with bundles of cash for being sick.

In a second video on Thursday, Willy Paul shows off bundles of cash while appearing to advise fans to work hard for their money.

“Vijana nawaambia kila siku mfanye kazi ama mtapasuliwa msamba mkiinama inama ovyo ovyo,” Willy Paul says in the clip.

He captioned it: “Sio kiburi but ni Ukweli.. ni pesa kidogo but wanaume please tubaki kuwa wanaume na tamaa isifanye tuchukue place ya madem please!! If you know you know!!”

As expected, the singer’s braggadocio provoked some fans, one of whom called out Willy Paul for lacking humility.

“The richest people are very humble, humble captions with zero show off. Alafu kuna kina willy paul😂😂🚮” wrote @breezylaboy.

Willy Paul delivered a savage reply that cracked up his fans in the comments section.

He wrote: “@breezylaboy alafu kuna kina wewe wenye wako very rich kwa ulimi but mfuko umebeba mende na condom.”

How does one simply come back from that?

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