What to Know Before Buying Your First Skateboard?

May 24, 2022

There are many factors to consider when choosing the first skateboard. There is much to decide and be careful about skateboard skating, from the size of the deck you buy to the gear you wear.

Whether you are purchasing a fully assembled board or want to build your own, it is essential to understand what parts you will need and why you need them.

You will need a deck, cart, brushes, wheels, bearings, clutch band, hardware, etc. Once you have made sure you have all the basics, setting up your skateboard is easy.

Consider the following tips and tricks to determine the features of choosing the perfect custom skateboard for your needs.

1. Local shop:

To purchase a board, visit the skateshop. Your local skate store will have products and expertise to guide you throughout the process and may also sell boards made of different materials such as bamboo, plastic, or fibreglass.

Do not put it in supermarkets and toy stores that sell sturdy types of skateboards, as it will be a very low-quality board. Quality skateboard boards are made on a 7-ply map and provide convenient clicks, catch and drop.

Shop at your local ski resort and participate in the local community that will connect you to a regular skateboarding scene in your area.

2. Size of deck:

Skateboard deck sizes are relatively new, and choosing the right board will help you improve your skills and skate safely. You can select a full size, medium, slim or slim board depending on your size and height.

Skateboards come in many forms, so that they can be not very clear at first.

Finally, after you wear and tear your 1st board, you can start experimenting with a few different demo scenarios to understand better what you like.

3. Wheels:

The street skating wheels are usually smaller than the parking wheels as they are lightweight and very responsive, making them easy to roll.

The wheels are measured in millimetres, so any size from 49 to 52 mm is ideal for road skiing. In the case of the modified or straight ride, anything from 54mm to 60mm will do.

They are larger and cover more space, giving you extra speed for those planes or landing.

4. Trucks:

To determine the truck’s size, you must refer to the size of your deck. Make sure that the axle length is proportional to the width of the platform, which means that when the trolleys are installed, they must be equal to the width of the forum and should not protrude outward or overstep.

You want to combine them. For a standard 8 “deck, a truck-size of 149 millimetres will do.

5. Graphics don’t matter:

If you want to keep your graphics and not check your full strength on the board, this board should be at home, hanging on your living room wall.

Whiteboard drawings are excellent but will disappear over time – unlike the skills you develop on the board.

6. Grip is important:

Grip Tape is a sandpaper-like material that runs over a skateboard deck and provides grip to do tricks and prevent the feet from slipping on the board.

It comes in various designs and colours, but it is important to note that black grip tape will always be durable and long-lasting compared to clear or coloured tape because it is made from high-quality grit.

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