Nairobi Expressway Toll Charges Ahead of Weekend Opening to Public

April 7, 2022

Motorists will finally get to drive on the Nairobi Expressway this weekend, Nairobi Wire understands.

Sources have indicated that the Sh87.9 billion expressway, initially estimated to cost Sh65.2 B, will be partially opened to some members public for testing on Saturday, April 9.

“The applications for use are ongoing and motorists can begin to officially use the Expressway on Saturday, April 9,”  a source at Moja Expressway Company said.

Moja Expressway Company is an affiliate of China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC), the firm that designed and built the Nairobi Expressway under a public-private partnership.

3 Modes of Payment

Moja will operate and maintain the road for 27 years; it will also provide motorists with three modes of payment. These are Cash, a Manual Toll Card(MTC), or an Electronic Toll Collection service(ETC).

The fee is payable at the toll stations and is dependent on the distance traveled on the 27km expressway.

Motorists planning to use MTC will swipe at the toll stations and a fee will be deducted based on the distance covered.

The manual toll card can be periodically topped up through electronic payments, including mobile money as well as cash payments at the toll gates.

To apply for the MTC, visit the service centre at Nairobi Expressway Plaza, Fill in the MTC Card Subscriber Registration form and present the required documents ID/Passport and Logbook.

You will then pay a service charge of Sh300 and purchase toll points to activate your MTC card.

The Minimum purchase of Toll Points is Sh1,000 with a validity of one year.

In the case of an ETC, travel points will be deducted from an On-Board Unit (OBU) that will be preinstalled on the vehicle.

To get the ETC service, motorists will need to physically visit the service centre at Nairobi Expressway Plaza, open an account and provide a copy of their ID and a copy of logbook as proof of vehicle ownership.

The OBU is then fitted on the vehicle’s windscreen to allow infrared scanning when the vehicle passes through a toll station.

Moja says this is the best method as it allows non-stop passage at the toll gates.

Types of Subscriptions

There are two types of subscriptions, individual and corporate subscription. For individuals, the documents are as stated above.

For corporate subscription, you will provide a copy of the company certification, PIN, copy of the contact person and their National ID and an introductory letter.

Further, motorists will be required to pay a service charge of Sh1,000 for the ETC. They would also need to buy toll points of at least Sh2,000, which will be deducted whenever they use the road. The points are valid for one year and are equivalent to the amount paid, meaning Sh2,000 gets you 2,000 points.

They are also non-transferrable.

“You need to pay a minimum fee of Sh2,000, but when you pay Sh5,000 and above, you won’t need to pay the Sh1,000 service charge, hence the whole amount will go towards the toll points. For the ETC, their deductions are done automatically at the OBU (On-Board Unit) device,” a source said.

Motorists who own multiple vehicles can create one account which covers all the cars. Different OBU’s will be placed in each vehicle and the points will be shared within the same account.

Toll Charges

Moja says motorists will pay between Sh100 and Sh1,550 depending on the distance travelled and the size of their vehicles.

This means that a motorist pays the amount once they exit the Expressway. In the case that you use the Expressway from Westlands to Mlolongo, you will be deducted Sh300 or 300 points if you use the electronic means of payment.

From Mlolongo to the Standard Gauge Railway, you will be charged Sh100; From Mlolongo to Eastern Bypass will set you back some Sh160.

From Mlolongo to James Gichuru, the fee is Sh310, whereas from JKIA to Westlands, motorists will part with Sh260.

For drivers heading to the Southern Bypass from James Gichuru, the charge is Sh210.

From Westlands to Mombasa Road (Capital Centre), motorists will pay sh100, while those heading to the Eastern Bypass will pay Sh210.

Here is an illustrated breakdown of the charges courtesy of the Star.

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