DP Ruto Acquires New UDA Headquarter Offices Amid ‘Looming Karen Eviction’

April 14, 2022

Deputy President William Ruto has seemingly countered his impending removal from his official Karen residence in Nairobi by acquiring new offices for his United Democratic Alliance (UDA)party.

Earlier this week, Ruto played down a looming plan to evict him under the guise of renovating the office for the next deputy president of Kenya.

“I understand we will have a new Deputy President in a few months, but I also understand that he/she will be a Kenya Kwanza politician. Therefore, I want to tell the good people planning the renovations that for Kenya Kwanza, refurbishment of the DP’s residence is not a priority, the priority is to sort out the hunger affecting 3 million Kenyans who are sleeping hungry,” Ruto said at Ngong Race Course on Tuesday, April 12.

“It is only inhuman if anybody thinks that while we have 3 million Kenyans facing starvation, the priority is to renovate the office of the deputy president,” added the DP.

Ruto, who has been using the Karen residence as his campaign headquarters, will now be conducting his political dealings at his new five-storey building on Ngong Road, Nairobi.

The Edulink building will house the offices of the UDA party leader, chairman and secretary-general, the Star reports.

Ruto will reportedly occupy the third floor alongside party chairman Johnstone Muthama. Renovations are said to be currently ongoing for the expansive and luxurious offices.

Secretary-general Veronica Maina will occupy the fourth floor while other party officials will occupy the remaining floors.

According to the Star, UDA acquired Edulink Building last month.

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