Why Mau Mau Fighters Want DP Ruto Removed From Office

March 22, 2022

A group of Mau Mau fighters from the Central region has sued to have Deputy President William Ruto removed from office.

Led by their leader Michael Kurungia, the group claims Ruto has failed to fulfill his duties as the DP. They also accused him of gross misconduct for attacking the government that he serves in.

“The Deputy President William Ruto has failed to perform the functions conferred to him by the Constitution,” Kurungia claimed.

In an application filed under urgency, the Mau Mau fighters additionally accuse Ruto of using public funds to run his presidential campaign.

Kurungia wants the court to declare that Ruto has committed a crime under the Oaths and statutory declaration Act cap 15(ii) of laws of Kenya.

The Mau Mau group also alleged that Ruto has violated article 147(1) (2) of the Constitution and he is not acting as the principal assistant of the president instead he is doing his own functions.

The petitioners want the court to bar the deputy president from accessing his office and Karen residential home for UDA campaign meetings until the case is heard.

The matter will be heard on April 28.

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