“Who Do You Think You Are?” Magoha to Mudavadi Over Plan to Scrap CBC

February 10, 2022

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has responded to the recent declaration by the ANC Party that a Ruto/Mudavadi Govt will do away with the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) when elected in August.

Speaking on Wednesday at St Mary’s Mukunike Secondary School, Magoha warned politicians against politicising the new education system.

CS Magoha said he will not allow politicians to derail and revert pupils to the old system.

“Nobody is going to dare, no matter who he is to take our children back. You can bark out there but you cannot take a Grade 6 child back to Standard 1. The country is not going to allow you, who do you think you are. Leave politics out of this,” Magoha declared.

“You know if you think, and I know you can think, you will know why they want it to remain where they want it,” added Magoha.

The CS, who spoke when opened a new CBC classroom in Machakos, said construction of CBC classrooms is well on schedule with 10% percent already completed.

“We don’t want all that transition to affect our children, so far we have completed over 700 classes that are 10%, those not started are less than 100, close to 2000 are at roofing level and the rest are at base level,” he said.

“Come January next year we hope we will have normalized and therefore the grade 6 will transit to the junior secondary school we intend to be done before the expiry of this government. We shall meet the deadline and beat it.”

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