Things to Know About Plus Size Model/Digital Creator Suzzie Actress

February 28, 2022

Suzzie is a popular digital creator who wears many hats. She shares things to know about her.

  • Suzie is a jack of all trades. I am an actress, an entrepreneur, Make Up artiste, Content Creator, plus size model, caterer and a Baker.  I’m an artist who’s versatile and talented.
  • How am I able to do all this? Well to begin with, I’m a business woman who has an interest in art. I run my own business and freelance as well. I work with bookings that way I am able to manage my schedule for the most part. At the moment, I’m not engaged in any program shoots so I can easily run the other ventures.
  • I thank God for who I am. Whilst I don’t support labelling girls as ‘Kienyeji’ or otherwise, I could easily fit in as pure kienyeji going by the now-viral definition of women perceived to be modest or conservative.
    For me, I’m capable of fitting anywhere as long as I’m comfortable be it shags, Nairobi, overseas, with or without makeup. Yaani! I’m different.

  • Embracing Plus Size modelling is fantastic. I’m so happy that many women out here who are plus size are recognising their beauty and intelligence. Unlike before when plus size ladies used to shy off and hide for fear of being body shamed. They now have confidence to come out and show the world what they bring to the table.

  • I am a former Miss Plus World Kenya contestant. Overseas, there are many pageants taking place for plus size women. The Kenyan industries and sponsors need to embrace and support the plus-size models. It’s about diversity and inclusion. Brands need to speak to people of all shapes and sizes. That’s what true modelling is all about.

  • We have been brought up in a biased society. The idea of beauty is portrayed in a certain way. Models have to be this size, this complexion and all that. We are still a long way from accepting all models without bias. But with different beauty campaigns, it will pay off someday.


  • I don’t remember being body-shamed but with social media such attacks are common. When you are slim, they will hate, then you add weight, and they will still talk badly. Social media will spot something and tear you down. I call out the bullies and, I block some.


  • I have been married for 10 years. Marriage is a beautiful thing, but it’s not a bed of roses. With understanding, love, trust, communication and prayer it works. Oh! Plus, you need perseverance and mutual respect.


  • Most of my posts are about me and my son, my special one prefers to stay away from the limelight. He is 100 percent supportive of me and our son’s social exposure and activities. Likewise, I respect his space.


  • Let no one lie to you, women also struggle with rejection just like men.  I’d say with women it’s even more painful because we give all our hearts.


  • My Instagram feeds are as raw as you can find. I hate faking. I love authenticity. I guess it’s why I am still able to attract followers for being real. Be you and do what makes you happy as long as it’s legit and clean.


  • There is no such thing as ‘fake it till you make it’.  Everything has its time, things fall into place when you work hard, and set goals.

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