Mulamwah Drops Signee to Protect her from Trolls

December 9, 2021

In a strange turn of events, comedian Mulamwah has released a singer signed under his label following his break up with Carrol Sonie.

In a statement, the funnyman said the negative reaction to his breakup has fostered a toxic environment for his signee Vall Wambo to flourish.

“I am sorry @vall_wambo, you are still very young and with a promising future, my dream was to see you grow into a big star, not only you but many more too. So unfortunate that the environment created online is not healthy at all, all the trolls and abuse online should not be your portion,” he said.

Adding: “I was there before and I don’t want you at the same spot. It’s quite difficult to progress with all this friction.”

Mulamwah at the same time announced he has closed down his record label, Mulamwah Entertainment.

He has also released all of Vall Wambo’s music to her.

“Everything created for you belongs to you and you own 100% of your music and all the accounts created. All the songs have been deleted from our end, you’ll be given the videos to post on whatever channel of your choice. All the best.”

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