How the Legendary Cristiano Ronaldo Began His Career

December 15, 2021

Every football fan knows the name of Cristiano Ronaldo, because at the age of 18 he gained immense popularity. He is admired not only by fans but also by eminent players, in particular Luis Figo. His main feature is constant work and faith in himself. From an early age he was interested in football today scores, but all this might not have happened, because Cristiano’s childhood was not very rosy:

* lack of money in the family;

* serious illness;

* lack of education.

The footballer was born on February 5, 1985, and started playing football at the age of 3. The first gift Ronaldo received from his father was a real football ball. Until the age of 6, he just kicked the ball, but at 7 Cristiano began to dream of football. His perseverance and aspiration allowed him to join Sporting Lisbon at the age of 12.

The early biography of the player includes serious illness, tachycardia, so he underwent a laser heart surgery. In the process of surgical intervention, the damaged area of ​​the heart was restored. Immediately after the recovery, at the age of 16, he conquered all the Sporting’s lineups, today scores of those football games can be found on thematic sites.

Lucky Ronaldo

At the age of 18, Cristiano’s finest hour began. That year, Manchester United played a friendly match against Sporting, which won 3:1. Young Ronaldo caused them the most problems. Upon his return to Manchester, the Red Devils coach bought this player for his club.

Immediately after arriving at Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo asked to be given number 28, because it was his number in Sporting, but Sir Alex Ferguson had a different idea. He gave the young talent number 7, which was played by all the team celebrities, including David Beckham. The newcomer appreciated this move of his new coach, because for him such a shirt became the main source of motivation.

The player simply couldn’t fail to meet all the expectations placed on him by the legendary club.

With each game, he became more and more confident, scoring in almost every match. And you can try placing a bet on his next goal on one of these great betting apps.

Game after game, championship after championship, Cristiano Ronaldo became the most expensive footballer in all of Britain. For 2 seasons in Manchester United, he received 12 million pounds.

He spent the first money not on himself but on his family. He decided to order the project of the house from the award-winning architect Eduardo Souto de Moura. It was built in Madeira, where his parents settled. Manchester United has become a home club for Cristiano Ronaldo.

He managed to play in Real Madrid, after the completion of the contract with which, he returned to MU again.

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