Watch: DP Ruto Chides Kang’ata For Donating Sh40,000

November 4, 2021

For a man who is said to give out cash handouts of Sh100 million every month(according to Raila), Deputy President William Ruto was well within his rights to embarrass Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata for donating a measly Sh40,000.

The two were at a fundraising drive in Murang’a county on Tuesday when DP Ruto chided the senator.

Ruto told Kang’ata that his contribution was barely enough for someone who is seeking a gubernatorial seat in next year’s General Elections.

The DP asked Kang’ata to add another Sh60,000 and even offered to lend him the cash.

“Unataka governor? Sh40,000 haitoshi governor. Enda ulete hiyo ingine. Sh40,000 haiwezi governor. Tafuta pesa ama namna gani? Si wewe ndio umeamua hiyo maneno?” Ruto posed jokingly.

“Ama kama umeishiwa naweza kuongeza wewe alafu nikudai mbele. Si ni namna hiyo.”

Senator Kang’ata obliged, stepped off the podium, and returned moments later with the additional Sh60K.

“Sawa pigieni mheshimiwa makofi ametoa elfu mia moja,” Ruto said.

The DP launched the Wakili Edward Muriu Pesa Mfukoni Bursary Fund, a Sh100-Million kitty that will support 10,000 disadvantaged learners in Gatanga Constituency.

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