KRA Boss To Wash Wash Guys: “Just Pay Your Taxes, We Don’t Care About the Source”

November 17, 2021
A scene from ‘Papa Fred’s’ latest skit on KRA taxes

KRA Commissioner General James Githii Mburu has reiterated that the taxman will start auditing your social media lifestyle, in a bid to calculate what you owe in taxes.

Appearing on Jeff and Nick on Hot 96, Mr. Githii said that once you get on their radar, they will quantify your houses, cars and other belongings, and then go back to their records and check whether the right amount of tax was paid on them.

He said that they will use every tool in their disposal to find out everything you own, and other lavish expenses you have incurred.

“You must be having some source of income, and I think what you are doing is you are not paying Caesar what belongs to Caesar.. We already have your profile.. We will tell you you have this wonderful car, this house. You have been travelling to Dubai. When you travelled you were in business class, but in our account you have nothing. Can we reconcile together,” he said.

He noted that people who have a substantial income should not be filing nil returns, and that their days are numbered.

“We will quantify those things. Even if you are paid cash, it is not the mode of payment. For example if we estimate (your belongings) to be worth Sh20 million, we will tell you this is income that has not been declared.

The KRA boss also had some news for ‘Wash Wash’ guys. He said that KRA does not care about the source or legality of the money, as long as Caesar gets his dues.

“For us we don’t mind about the legality of the money. All what we [want to know] is if you have it, have you paid tax. It is somebody else’s business to find out if you stole the money,” he said.

Watch that interview.

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