How to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

November 1, 2021

Forex trading has many possibilities of making a lucrative income. Whether you are a forex trader or interested in the financial market, there is always a way you will make money out of it.

The majority of the people make money in forex trading through the following ways;

i) Trading financial instruments like currencies, indices, metal etc.

ii) Working as Introducing broker for a trusted brand with an attractive commission and friendly terms 

iii) Copy Trading what professional traders are trading in the market.

Let’s go deeper in analyzing these areas of great possibilities of making money online.  Amos Korir, Marketing specialist at MTrading explains;

The financial market has been around for many decades and it is here to stay. This is accredited to the constant exchange of currencies between countries as they do foreign exchange. This exchange of currencies has resulted in forex trading, one of the ways most people have attained financial freedom. 

So let’s start by defining what Forex is trading. It is the speculation of financial assets like currencies with an aim of making a profit from its movement. It is done through a broker, who facilitates the trading between the trader and the liquidity provider. A forex broker earns a commission by marking up the spread on the financial assets. And this is one of the ways you can as well make constant income every month just like how brokers do.

With MTrading you can sign up as introducing broker and then invite other traders to sign up and trade in our platform.  There are three ways you can make money in this kind of partnership

a) Revenue Share

In this kind of model, when you become an affiliate, you will be earning a commission of up to 60% of every standard lot size when your invitee trades. The higher the number of traders you refer the higher the amount of commission you will make. 

For instance, when you bring 7 traders and they just trade 10 lots of any asset, you will earn $66 dollars. This is so easy to make and anyone can achieve this.

b) Per Lot

This type of partnership encourages people who have a good network of traders and can trade actively in the market. In this model, you earn commission on each lot size completed by your active traders. The more you have active traders the more money you will be making. 

c) CPA

In marketing CPA means, cost per action completed. This is the best model if you have a website or a good following on social media accounts. All you need to do is drive traffic to a specific page and people sign up using your affiliate link, have the account verified and then deposit the funds. 

Depending on the location of your sign-ups, you will earn varying CPAs. For instance, in Malaysia CPA per single lead is $400. Even if you use $200 to get that single trader, you will still have a profit margin of $200. 

This is one of the most preferred models by marketers and entrepreneurs and easy to make constant income. Let’s say you bring 2 traders every month, you will be making $800 every month. 

These three models of referral don’t require a lot of effort, anyone can do this and make money. As long as you know how to bring the lead, we shall do the rest on your behalf and you will earn your commission.

On top of all this, MTrading has a master IB, where you are allowed to sign up other IBs and make a commission from their commission. This is ideal if you have a good network of traders and marketers.

Assuming you are starting from nothing, you don’t have a network of investors or traders. Here are simple steps to get everything started;

i) Sign up for the Introducing broker and have your unique link 

ii) Invite traders to sign up through your link. This can be achieved through the following ways;

  a) Use free banners from partner dashboard once you register and put them out either through your social media network like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp group etc.

  b) If you have a website, you can put the banner to your website and have people sign up through it.

  c) You can build a simple landing page and buy traffic from cheaper channels like social media and have traders signing up through your channel.

Forex affiliates are one of the great ways to make money in the financial market without trading in the market. You basically refer people using your referral link and earn a commission whenever they through the broker. 

The good part is, your new invitee doesn’t even have to be a trader to make money, they can sign up an investor account and copy trade from the best performing traders in our social community. This makes earning constant commission easier with MTrading.

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