Tips in How To Reduce Car Insurance Premiums in Kenya

October 22, 2021

The cost of living has gone up through the years, which means that you need to save money any way you can. Car insurance premiums can be reduced to help you save money on your bills. There are a few tips that can guide you when you are trying to talk to your current insurer or are planning to change agents.

1. Validation report-You need to make sure that you have an updated report that shows the current value of your vehicle. The premium is based on this information, so the more up to date it is, the better off you will be. You know that as your vehicle ages it loses value, which will decrease your costs, unless you have a classic car. 

2. Compare Insurers-One of the fastest ways to save money on your premiums is to shop around and compare various agents in your area. Not all policies are the same. Some of them will offer you the same coverage at a better price. Be sure to compare all the parts of the insurance, though, not just the price. The cheapest price may not be the best deal when you check the coverage that you have.

3. Policy Specifics-Before you even attempt to get a policy, or change a policy, you need to know what you need. Do not buy any extra riders or upgrades to the policy. If you have done your homework, and know what you need, there is no point in paying for more. 

4. Bundle-If you have your insurance portfolio through one agent you can bundle all of it together to save on premiums. When looking for car insurance NSW locations that you are considering, may be able to get you better deals on all your insurance needs. Make sure to ask when you talk to them about bundling, and what the discount will be if you do.

5. Record-Be a good driver. Safe and defensive at all times. When you have a defensive driving mentality you are more likely to avoid accidents. The better that your record is, and the longer that you continue to be safe, the lower your premium rates will be. The Global Road Safety Facility (GSRF) has found that out of all the drivers on the road accidents will be fatal 27.8% of the time.

6. Discounts-Always ask for discounts. Some carriers will give you breaks on your premium if you are a certain age, from a certain area, work a certain job, or even if you are part of a local group. The agents will very rarely tell you about the exclusive discounts unless you ask. The more money that they can get out of you, the higher their weekly check will be.

7. Payment in Full-It may seem like a clever idea to simply pay the insurance bill every month. If you pay the entire annual bill, or semi-annual bill, you can save some money. It will cost you more to pay by the month because you may leave their company any month that you choose. If they get all the money up front, they know that they have their cash, so they are willing to give you a small savings for paying the lump sum that is due.

8. Deductible-If you raise the deductible amount that you must pay if an accident happens, your premiums will go down. If you choose to do this, however, remember that if you are in an accident that you will have a substantial amount of money that will have to come out of your pocket before the insurance company will authorize a payout.

As you can see there are numerous ways that you can save on your car insurance. Whether you are changing carriers, or you plan to stay with your current one. Ask for discounts and savings from each agent that you talk to. Decide who to go with by comparing the cost, and the benefits, of each policy that you are considering.

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