Read: Ole Sereni’s Statement on the Ndichu Twins’ Scuffle

October 20, 2021

Following a highly publicized altercation that happened on their premises, Nairobi’s Emara Ole Sereni Hotel came out yesterday and issued a statement.

The scuffle involved high profile twin brothers, Eddie and Paul Ndichu. The two are the founders of a Fintech company called ‘Wapi Pay’, but perhaps gained prominence when Eddie married media personality Janet Mbugua.

The management of Mombasa road’s Emara Ole-Sereni, released a statement acknowledging the events of Saturday night.

Through Chief Executive Officer, Ghulam Samdani, the hotel said that they took measures on that night through hotel security, to prevent escalation of violence. He further assured guests that measures have been put in place to prevent a repeat of that.

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Here’s that statement.

“We are aware that there are some disturbing pictures and videos circulating online of an incident that occurred on 17th October 2021 at the lobby of Emara Ole-Sereni Hotel and would like to say the following:

At the outset, please note that we do not accept nor condone any such behavior as we have an obligation to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all our guests. While there was an incident, it is isolated and out of character for our operations.

The hotel security intervened immediately to prevent further violence and the manager on duty promptly contacted the police, who took control of the matter. We are aware that no arrests were made and as such we have no further comment at this stage.

We would like to assure you that all our clients whilst at the premises are safe and secure. We continue to put all the measures possible to ensure the same.”

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