DP Ruto is a Tuk-Tuk Posing as a Mercedes Benz, Babu Owino Shouts

October 14, 2021

Babu Owino launched a scathing attack against Deputy President William Ruto describing him as a ‘Tuk Tuk’.

Speaking in Nairobi Tuesday during a forum with a section of youth from Mt Kenya region, the Embakasi East MP likened DP Ruto to a three-wheeled auto rickshaw posing as a Mercedes Benz.

“Electing Ruto as President is like being given a blank cheque to fill and buy a Mercedes Benz then you go to the showroom and you buy a Tuk Tuk then expect the Tuktuk to behave like a Mercedes Benz. It is next to impossible,” Babu Owino said.

The outspoken lawmaker stated that the country does not need someone who has stolen public funds. Babu Owino waxed lyrical about his party leader Raila Odinga saying he is the better choice for president.

“I believe that this nation needs a Raila in its midst. This nation does not need a person who will pilfer, a person who has misappropriated, a person who has defrauded and stolen public money,” Babu said.

Owino also compared Ruto to Raila saying President Uhuru Kenyatta gave both a seat at the table but the former wasted his opportunity.

“Baba was given his seeds, he planted them and they germinated. Seeds of hope, handshake, and unity that are now leading to the current economic growth. But Ruto was given the same seeds that he ate,” Owino said.

He added: “After eating all the seeds, he has nothing left. Therefore, it is Baba who should be given more seeds.”

Watch Babu Owino’s full sentiments below.


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