Moi Grandson is not Broke…He’s a Pilot and Drives Prado – Baby Mama Tells Court

September 23, 2021

A woman who is suing former President Daniel Arap Moi’s grandson for child support has refuted his claims that he is broke.

This comes after Collins Toroitich Kibet Moi agreed to support his two children with Ms Gladys Jeruto Tagi.

He, however, told the court that he can’t afford Ms Tagi’s demands of Sh1 million per month. Kibet Moi claimed that he is broke.

“I am financially strained at the moment and [unable] to offer more than what I am offering here and the applicant, who is my immediate neighbour at home, knows this fact very well,” he said.

He added: “As a result of my depression diagnosis and the resultant loss of business, my personal finances have been greatly affected to the point where I depend on the goodwill of my friends and relatives to meet my immediate needs.”

But Jeruto Tagi, in her court submission on Tuesday, September 21, rubbished Moi’s broke claims saying he is well off.

She said he is a trained pilot with enough resources to support his kids. She also mentioned that Moi drives an expensive motor vehicle model V8 Prado, which he is able to maintain.

Further, Tagi told the court that Kibet Moi earns huge dividends from his late father’s estate and he is not living a ‘parasitic life’.

The judge directed the matter to be heard on October 13 in full to settle the standoff.

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