Witness: Cops Beat Up Kianjokoma Brothers and Drove Them to an Unknown Place

August 11, 2021

An eyewitness has shed more light on the events leading to the death of two brothers in Kianjokoma area of Embu last week.

According to the witness, Benson Njiru Ndwiga, 22, and Emmanuel Mutura Ndwiga, 19, did not jump out of a moving vehicle as alleged by police in Embu.

The witness who has since recorded a statement narrated that Mutura was arrested first, PeopleDaily reports. The officers then started roughing him up prompting his elder brother, Ndwiga, to come to his defense.

“They had hit him on the head and he was lying unconscious. One officer then hit Ndwiga and he fell on the ground,” the witness said.

Adding: “It appeared like they assaulted him to silence him as he had witnessed his younger brother being beaten mercilessly.”

The cops then ushered the brothers into the front seat of the police pickup and drove to Manyatta police station. At the police post, the officers parked the car near the cells and ordered the other suspects to alight.

However, Njiru and Ndwiga remained in the car. The witness said they thought the police were taking the brothers to a hospital.

“We thought they were being taken to the hospital since they were injured. We, however, did not ask where they were being taken for fear of being victimised,” the witness said.

Detectives from the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) have already launched investigations into the deaths and are expected to finalise the probe next week.

Meanwhile, an autopsy conducted at Embu Level Five Hospital mortuary revealed that the brothers died of multiple head and rib injuries inflicted by a blunt object.

Pathologist Kamau Wangari observed that Mutura’s head was deformed and bore bruises in the face while Njiru’s ribs had been broken. Dr Wangari also noted that Njiru’s brain had an injury.

“As a result of the examination, I formed the opinion that the cause of death was severe injuries due to blunt force,” the pathologist said.

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