From Sh500 a Month Job to Working in Office of the President

August 23, 2021

Dr Joseph Mburu is the Programmes Evaluator and Reporter at the Ministry of immigration in Canada. He spoke to the Nairobian about his personal and career growth.

Education: Tabani Primary School, Lukhuna secondary school for O- Level, and Malava boys for A-Level. I joined the University of Nairobi to study Political Science, then University of York (UK) for Masters in Public advancement and Relations and a PhD in Public Administration and International Relations.

Experience: I started as a secondary school teacher, then a lecturer before joining the Office of the President and later the finance ministry. I came to Canada as a lecturer and am currently an officer at the ministry of Immigration in Canada.

First job/salary: I worked as a sugarcane harvester back in the village earning Sh500 per month. It was a backbreaking job but it taught me patience.

Worst/best job: Honestly, I don’t consider any job bad, since both were putting food on the table despite the challenges.

First /current Neighbourhood: I first lived in Dandora and all my household things were stolen on the first day. Now, I live in Canada.

Worst mistake: Trusting people too much. Most have turned to be my main detractors. I have learned a big lesson.

Missed opportunity: I was denied a promotion due to tribalism and nepotism.

Biggest regret: I missed a chance to further my studies and find my horizons in time.

One thing you can’t give away: My family, my job, and my relationship with God.

Best advice ever:  You are your greatest resource, keep going, and don’t give up. This advice came from my father, who is my inspiration.

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