Woman Rep With All-female Bodyguards Says Women are Better Than Men (PHOTOS)

July 14, 2021

A lawmaker who caused a buzz after she was spotted with all-female bodyguards has spoken out, explaining why she prefers women.

Anab Gure, the woman representative for Garissa county, stepped out with her armed security detail on Monday during a tour of the county.

Ms Anab was flanked by two female guards dressed in hijabs, military combat bulletproof vests, and carrying AK47 rifles.

“I prefer women bodyguards as my security detail. I believe that women can do better than men,” Ms Anab told Nation.

‘The place I went to was 10km from the Somalia border and I saw the need to have one vehicle of security officers accompanying me. The area was recently attacked by suspected Al-Shabaab militants, I could not have risked my life.”

She noted that the guards are always with her. “No, they do not accompany me on border tours only. They are always with me.”

According to the woman rep, having an all-female security detail has an added advantage.

“There are some women’s personal items I can forget to carry but find that my bodyguards have them in their bags. There are also some talks that I cannot express when I have a male bodyguard,” she said.

Ms Anab was in the company of Bura East Deputy County Commissioner, Kipkirui Arap Bett, Fafi OCPD Lawrence Muchangi and Border Point Unit commander Muita Sashi.

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