“We Are Not Fools!” Ruto Responds To Uhuru’s Jibe Over Handouts

July 13, 2021

A defiant deputy president William Ruto has declared that he will not stop giving out cash donations to churches and welfare groups.

Speaking at African Holy Ghost Christian Church in Huruma, Nairobi, on Sunday, Ruto appeared to respond to a jibe from president Uhuru Kenyatta.

The Head of State had on Friday said that some leaders do not have plans for transforming the lives of Kenyans and have instead resorted to dishing out handouts.

“Kenyans don’t want handouts. They want to be given the ability to fend for themselves,” Uhuru said.

In his response, Ruto appeared to accuse Uhuru of having double standards.

“When you were looking for votes you gave out Sh100 but you did not call it handout. But when I am giving to churches, boda bodas and mama mbogas, it becomes a handout. We may not be geniuses, but we are not fools,” the DP said.

“You gave people Sh100 to get a five-year job but when I give Sh5,000 to mama mboga, that becomes a handout.”

Earlier in the day, Ruto spoke at New Breed City Chapel, Kiambu Road urging his critics to let him worship God in his own way.

“Some people have a problem with the way we worship. I have been accused of carrying money to church in sacks, but we will not stop,” he said.

“Some of us did not have godfathers, we only know of God the Father. Allow us to worship God the way we think we should.”

DP Ruto further defended his donations citing the Bible.

“When you hear me talk about bottom-up, we are speaking the language of the Bible. The Holy Book says God will uplift the poor and they will dine with kings. That is the explanation of the bottom up approach of dealing with issues,” he averred.

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