Two Arrested For Drugging a Couple, Gangraping Varsity Student in Kitui

July 30, 2021

DCI detectives on Wednesday night rescued a varsity student from two men who had taken her hostage and raped her in turns in Kitui.

The DCI reported that the suspects, Biron Orwa, 25, and Samwel Mulama, 22, were caught in the act as the seemingly intoxicated victim lay on a bed at Diani Apartments in Kitui’s Kwa Vonza market.

Detectives established that the first-year student at a Kitui-based university was at the Monte Christo Bar in Kitui town with her boyfriend and the two suspects.

“The three had been spotted at the bar where it is believed that the lady was stupefied before she was dragged to one of the suspects’ rooms.

“The first-year student had walked into the bar earlier in the day accompanied by her boyfriend & the two suspects. Her boyfriend is known to the suspects. The suspects mischievously ordered for rounds after rounds of alcohol, which left the victim’s boyfriend in a complete state of helplessness. Unable to comprehend what was going on, he staggered to his abode in his drunken stupor, leaving his girlfriend in the marauding jaws of the thugs,” the DCI report noted.

Orwa and Mulama then dragged the 18-year-old to a room where they raped her in turns.

“Police officers got wind that two men had been spotted dragging a young woman who could barely support herself to a room. The officers responded by storming the room and busted one of the suspects cringed under the bed trembling, while the victim lay helpless on the bed.

“The second suspect was arrested at the bar where he had gone to collect the victim’s shoes & part of her clothings which they had left behind after partly undressing her,” said the DCI.

The victim was taken to Kitui General hospital in serious condition for tests and medical attention, while the two suspects also underwent medical examination.

The suspects will be arraigned today, Friday, July 30.

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