Raila Says Kenyans Are Concerned About His Stance on Corruption

July 9, 2021

Raila Odinga says he has been receiving a lot of calls and messages on social media from Kenyans who are concerned about his outspoken stance against corruption.

Speaking on Radio Citizen Thursday, the ODM leader said the concerned Kenyans were worried about his safety, with some even urging him to tone down his criticism of corruption in government.

Raila clarified that his utterances against corruption are not part of his campaign agenda for his 2022 presidential bid.

“This is in no way the agenda for my 2022 political bid, I’m just saying that corruption has become too rampant in our nation and it needs to stop because it is the sole reason why development projects in Kenya are stalling. And it is so bad that leaders are even afraid to blow the whistle on corruption,” he said.

“Since I spoke in Mombasa, I’ve received so many calls and even more messages on social media with people telling me to be very cautious about what I say concerning corruption.“They have told me that I’m offending a lot of corrupt individuals in the republic and that some are even now fearful of me saying that I will sell them out and they will be jailed because they think I’m in government. Others have sent emissaries to ask me to slow down and quit the talks on corruption,” Odinga revealed.

The former Prime Minister insisted that nothing will stop him from speaking out against the global issue.

“I cannot keep quiet because that is not the Kenya I want. But if they have decided that they would rather have the rampant corruption then I will be glad to sit at home and let them run the country to ruin. I don’t have to be a leader. But what remains true is that Kenya will not move forward with this level of theft and corruption in government, whether it is embezzlement, extortion, bribery or fraud, all of it is great abuse of public funds.

“Corruption is a global issue but the difference is only on what action is taken against the culprits,” Raila observed.

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