Raila Hits Out at “hyena” Ruto: “He is Buying You with Stolen Money”

July 5, 2021

The political rivals Raila Odinga and William Ruto revived their mutual dislike for each other over the weekend, with the former Prime Minister firing the first shots at the Deputy President.

Speaking in Mombasa on Saturday, Raila once again questioned the source of Deputy President William Ruto’s wealth.

Without mentioning names, the ODM leader likened Ruto to a hyena dressed in sheep’s clothing. Raila warned Kenyans to question the source of the “free” funds being donated by political leaders to women and the youth.

“You hear someone chest-thumping about what they have done, that we have built this and that. Ask him where he took the extra money? He wants to do harambees for women groups and youth groups with cash stuffed in sacks. He goes to church. Then they say he respects God. But he is coming with your money… He is buying you with stolen money.

“Where does he get the millions from? No one questions where this money is from. These are thieves who should be in Shimo la Tewa but they are touring all over Kenya in helicopters… when we get in government we will jail all these people,” Odinga declared.

“They are hyenas. You see them come here in sheep’s clothing and claim they will fundraise for women and youth groups. That is stolen money.”

In a similar attack against the DP recently, Raila estimated that Ruto dishes out about Sh100 million in a month.

“The biggest problem in our country is corruption. Some people have embezzled public funds and hidden them away as their own so now what they do is ask you to invite them to speak to women’s groups, youth groups then he gives Sh1 million and they clap for him. He is also giving away school buses left, right, and centre. He also goes to various churches giving millions.

“All these giveaways are dished out between Thursday and Sunday. At the end of the month this person has given away over Sh100 million and you’d like to tell me those are the fruits of hard work and generosity? That’s a thief! He has stolen from you and he is bringing you what he has stolen so that you clap for him,” Odinga explained.

Adding: “Isn’t that devilish? That man is the devil! Those stolen funds should be in the public coffers. Had that money been with Ukur Yattani [Treasury CS] then it would have been better utilized, there wouldn’t have been a delay in disbursing funds to the counties.”

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