DP Ruto Hits Back At Raila, “You Should Be Ashamed of Yourself”

July 5, 2021

Deputy President William Ruto says Raila Odinga should apologise to Kenyans for disrupting Jubilee party’s Big Four Agenda.

Ruto said that were it not for Odinga’s handshake with President Uhuru, the Big Four would have created jobs for many young people in Kenya.

“The President out of an abundance of heart welcomed you to government and you came and disrupted the Big 4 agenda; it would have given jobs to plumbers, masons and you took us to a constitutional change.”

“You need to apologise to us and you need to be ashamed of yourselves,” Ruto said.

Speaking on Sunday, a day after Raila Odinga likened him a hyena for allegedly stealing public funds, Ruto intimated that the opposition leader has been running cartels in government but pretends to give lectures on how to fight corruption.

Hawa watu ndugu zetu ni watu wa ajabu sana kwa sababu wakiwa kwa serikali walikuwa wanaibia vijana. Sasa wako kwa serikali wanaibia wagonjwa na covid billionaires,” he said.

Ruto also hit out at the opposition for claiming to run the government.

“The irony of this thing is that it is only in Kenya where the opposition pretends to run the government,” Ruto said.

He went on to wonder why the Opposition was complaining about his donations when it is the people who are benefitting.

Nataka niwaulize wale wa kusema ukweli, mbona mnalalamika saa ile wengine wanapata kusaidika,” the Deputy President said.

Ruto spoke when he attended a service at the Presbyterian Church of East Africa in Umoja.

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