Meet Celebrity Hair Stylist Eric One Wash

July 26, 2021

Eric One Wash, who was crowned 2017 Mashujaa Awards hairstylist of the year, speaks about his hustle.

When did this journey begin? 
From Beauty Point College where I was a student. After school, I worked at three natural hair companies before opening Africa Royalty Salon in September 2016.

Many Kenyan Men don’t spend money on hair. How much do you charge?
We charge a minimum of Sh1,000 but clients are guaranteed value for their money.

Does the hair business pay?
Yes. It pays my bills. I am here from 8 am-9 pm. Male hairdressers were frowned upon back then but I am glad that today, perception has changed.

Which celebs have you styled?
Mmhh… Several. Internationally I have worked on Tanzanian rapper Joh Makini, Matonya, Ben Pol, and Queen Ifrica. Locally, Chris Darling, Bahati, Arrow boy, Otile brown, Vivian, Anto Neo soul, Mr Seed, DK Kwenye beat, Rawbeena, and many more. My first celeb client was Kent of former Gospel group M.O.G.

Given a chance, what would you do to Atwoli’s and Uhuru’s hair?
Haha! Atwoli’s hair is loud —like him! It fits his character. I would shape it into an even afro. The president’s hair is not that bad. I would give it a light tint and dye it to give him a super look. His short hair gives him that executive look.

 What do you think of Jeff Koinange’s curly hair?
Hehe..Jeff’s hair speaks confidence. It stands out.

Why do you think young people are greying at an early age?

They are many causes of grey hair. Sometimes, it is genetic.

Do celebs do they do their hair on credit? 
Just like any other business, debts happen but it’s not a big deal since I consider working on celebs as a God-given opportunity.

Connecting beard is a new wave…
Yes, it has become so popular. Ladies love it just as much as men.

Do you have Mentees?
I do scout for talent and mentor them. It feels good to know you inspired someone. At the moment, another celeb hairstylist is my product and he’s my favorite barber around.

Which celebs would you like to style in the future?
Lil Wayne, Wizkid, Nyashinky and Madam Boss herself Akothee.

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