Jenga na Alex na Jalas: Check Out The Progress Jalang’o and Mwakideu Have Made With their Homes

March 19, 2021

The ambitious #JenganaAlexnaJalas project by media personalities Alex Mwakideu and Jalang’o has started taking shape as evidenced by pictures shared by the duo.

Alex and Jalas launched the project to build their dream homes next to each other last month. They have also been documenting the entire process via a weekly online show in a bid to inspire and inform their fans.

In the latest update, Alex and Jalas they are happy with the shape the project has taken so far.

They shared pictures showing foundations have since been laid with workers ready to take the houses up.

“#JengaNaAlexNaJalas is on and real! PROGRESS!! we are moving!! We are building and Trusting God!” wrote Jalang’o.

Check out the photos.

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