Get COVID-19 Jab, DP Ruto Urges Kenyans

March 26, 2021

Willian Ruto has called on the Kenyan public to get vaccinated against the coronavirus when they get an opportunity to do so.

The deputy president said it is imperative that as many Kenyans as possible get inoculated in a bid to curb the spread of the deadly virus.

“It is important for Kenyans to get vaccinated. I urge every Kenyan to get vaccinated because it is through the vaccination that we will be able to reduce the severity of the disease and perhaps our fatality rate will decline,” he said on Thursday.

Ruto, who disclosed that he is yet to be vaccinated, also allayed fears about the vaccine saying he will among the first to get it when it is his turn.

He asked those spreading rumors about the vaccine to stop.

“The Cabinet sat and decided that we allow the frontline workers to take the vaccine first. We prioritized the frontline workers first like those in the medical fraternity and so it would have not looked well for me if I was seen taking the vaccine first. When my opportunity comes I will surely be vaccinated,” he said.

As of Wednesday, March 24, over 64,000 people had been vaccinated since March 8.

The Health Ministry said it aims to vaccinate at least 20,000 people per day over the next two weeks.

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