President Kenyatta Rubbishes Ruto’s Wheelbarrow Politics

February 2, 2021

President Uhuru Kenyatta has joined the growing list of political leaders who have taken a swipe at Deputy President Willliam Ruto over his “wheelbarrow” movement.

As part of his campaign strategy ahead of the 2022 Presidential elections, the DP has been donating items such as wheelbarrows, handcarts, motorbikes to needy youth.

This has been sharply criticised by Ruto’s political opponents, with President Uhuru remaining silent on the issue until Sunday, January 31 when he finally took the gloves off.

Speaking at the Sagana State Lodge when he hosted Mt. Kenya region youth leaders, a seething Uhuru Kenyatta rubbished the wheelbarrow politics saying young Kenyans need jobs and funding.

“You hear some people say we know the problem facing Kenyan youth, that you want to help them by giving them wheelbarrows, who told you that the youth need wheelbarrows? What they need are jobs; they want to be independent,” Uhuru said.

“If you are truly intentional about helping the youth, how about you ensure that funds from the government actually get to the ground?” he posed.

The president criticized the move by leaders to give handouts to the youth terming it as ill-informed.

Uhuru at the same time reiterated the BBI is not meant to help Raila Odinga ascend to power.

“I have heard others saying BBI is for Raila, does Raila need a HELB loan?” he posed.

Adding: “He is approaching 70 something, is Raila in charge of the Ruiru ward? If Ruiru ward gets more money, does Raila benefit from that? Is this not propaganda?”

The President also stated that he intends to use his last days in office to champion development across the country rather than politicking.

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