PHOTOS – Meet The Real Mama Otis and Baba Otis Who Inspire Flaqo’s Comedy

February 25, 2021

Fans of online comedy sensation Erastus Ayieko Otieno, best known as Flaqo, can finally put faces to the names ‘Mama Otis and Baba Otis’.

Flaqo made a name for himself as one of the most popular digital content creators in Kenya by making videos of hilarious impressions of a typical Kenyan family.

The first family character that gave Flaqo his break-out video was ‘Mama Otis’, whom he said was derived from his mum and two aunts. As ‘Mama Otis’ popularity continued to grow, sooner rather than later Flaqo introduced ‘Baba Otis’.

While he has since added other characters such as Bakari the choirmaster, Mama Kinston, and others, it is Mama Otis and Baba Otis who have proved to be the most popular.

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Naturally, a section of Flaqo’s 423k Instagram followers has always been curious about his parents, who they associate with Mama Otis and Baba Otis characters.

On Wednesday, Flaqo fulfilled their wishes as he paid a heartwarming tribute to his parents through a post on Instagram. He also shared a series of photos from his family album, giving his fans a better understanding of his characters.

“My Parents through my growth fed me endless content, knowledge and guided me through understanding life❤️❤️ “ shared Flaqo.

Here are the photos and Flaqo’s respective caption for each.

“Slide1: The real mama Otis , my mama❤️❤️????…As a teenager before she suddenly produced human beings from her body.”

“Slide 2:Dnt let the mali safi looks deceive you??, my mum could blend us na viboko kama Juice, this mama is loud even neighbours feared her??But still My mum is a caaaatch you guyz.”

‘Slide 3:Yuhp…my parents”

“Slide 4:The real Baba Otis ?? a very understanding man, very wise n few strong words that strike guilt in you????”

“Slide 5:The products, Flaqo Henry and Sheryl, dirty n playful AF…Tulikuwa na duka which niliangusha juu ya kukula stock zote????”

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