Late MP Murunga’s Lover Hires Private Property Investigator

February 3, 2021

A former secret lover of the deceased Matungu MP Justus Murunga has sought the services of a private investigator to establish the value of the late lawmaker’s property estate.

Agnes Wangui, through lawyer Danstan Omari, is seeking to have Murunga’s property distributed equally between herself and his two wives, Christabel and Grace.

A paternity test has since confirmed that Murunga sired one of Wangui’s two children, 3-year-old Asha Kutekha, who is named after the MP’s mother.

According to lawyer Omari, Murunga left no will, meaning his estate is required by law to be divided among his widows and children.

“Once we have the register, we’lll be going to court in a bid to have those properties distributed equally. There is no will that we know as of now, but we cannot remove the possibility of a will being brought up in court. But the law of the will is also settled.

“If the will is discriminatory if the will has left out any of the dependants from getting what is required, if the will is for other people and not his blood relatives, then that will be challenged,” Omari told the Star.

He also noted that Wangui’s other child, a 7-year-old boy who returned negative DNA results, is entitled to a share of the MP’s wealth as stipulated in Section 3 (2) of the Succession Act.

“By virtue of the deceased having assumed voluntary permanent responsibility, he qualifies as a child of the deceased and can claim his share of the estate of Murunga as a rightful beneficiary,” the lawyer is quoted as saying.

“We have the evidence with us. Murunga would buy food, buy clothes, pay the school fees. This means that child will inherit an equal share just like any other child of Murunga.”

M-Pesa statements from Safaricom reveal that on November 12, less than 24 hours before he died, Murunga sent Ms Wangui Sh4,000. Between January and November last year, Murunga also sent her Sh75,000 for the children’s upkeep.

“That alone is a clear demonstration that this was not money coming from an MP to a voter. The frequency of amount paid was for the daily subsistence of his children,” Omari said.

Omari also defended Wangui, saying she was not lying when she claimed that both children were Murunga’s.

“If she was lying, she could not have done a scientific test. She knows that DNA testing is perfect. The mere fact that she subjected this child and told the whole world these children belong to Murunga vindicates her.”

According to Omari, at the time the first child was born, Murunga’s relationship with Wangui was on and off.

“The mistress never lied. Simple biology tells you that conception after sex takes place within 48 hours. So if you have multiple relationships within the 48 hours, any of that person they had contact with could be the father.”

The lawyer and his client are expecting to have the register of all the properties Murunga owned by February 15.

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