City Woman Curses Lastborn Son In Court Over Death Threats

February 17, 2021

A Nairobi-based businesswoman put a curse on her lastborn son when they appeared at the Makadara law courts where the son was accused of threatening to kill her over a house and money.

Phelister Akinyi told her son Fredrick Horrace Ochieng, “even if you kill me and take the house you will wander in it but you will always see my face in every space”.

This prompted chief magistrate Heston Nyaga to warn Ochieng that his mother’s words amounted to a curse and he needed to act swiftly and resolve the disagreement before the curse takes effect.

The accused is said to have threatened to kill his mother at her home in Greenspan estate, Donholm in Nairobi on diverse dates between January 8 and 11 this year.

Ochieng’ also called his mother on February 9 and warned that he would kill her not later than February 14, leading to his arrest.

He allegedly made the threats while demanding a house and Sh2 million paid to Ms Akinyi as compensation for injuries sustained during the 1998 terror attack at the US embassy.

Akinyi told the court that her son had repeatedly harassed her over her property which he wanted to take over.

The court also heard that the accused has been following his mother to the banks to monitor her transactions. He also demands to know the intended use to ensure she doesn’t ‘waste’ the money.

“Even when he is attacking me, he does not want neighbours to intervene. He tells me he is not afraid of the police, maybe I bring GSU or the army. He says I am wasting money,” Akinyi said.

“I have struggled to educate him until he completed school. He had been left behind but I told him he must complete his education. I told him I wanted to see him with a certificate even if he failed as long as he brings home a grade E certificate that shows he is a form four leaver.”

Akinyi also told the magistrate that she pays his rent at a house in Umoja estate, feeds, and also pays school fees for his five children.

She also mentioned that her husband fled due to her son’s constant harassment and threats to kill her and her daughter.

Ochieng is also said to have stormed her mother’s construction site and chased away workers claiming she was wasting money.

The accused denied charges of creating a disturbance and claimed he was trying to help his mother avoid being conned by construction workers.

The magistrate remanded Ochieng in police custody and ordered for his social inquiry report to be tabled before the courtroom on Friday before setting bail and bond terms.

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