Email Marketing in 2021: Is It Still Effective?

January 21, 2021

Online marketing has come a long way since the early days of the internet.

Today there are more ways to reach potential customers on the internet than there have ever been at any other time.

Email marketing was obviously one of the earliest ways that remain in use today. However, over the years, this kind of marketing has gotten an awfully bad rap.

The early scams perpetuated by ‘Nigerian princes’ and others, did irreparable damage to the trust people have in emails from strangers.

2021 sure ain’t the time of AOL when the phrase “You’ve Got Mail”, was welcome. Nowadays most people simply dread receiving emails, particularly those that are of marketing in nature.

The past decade has also seen the rise of massive tech companies that collect copious amounts of personal data from everyone. It is no exaggeration to say that the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and Google know you better than you know yourself.

The end result has been marketers flooding these platforms since they are much easier to offer targeted marketing based on interests, location, spending power, etc.

With all this happening, people are left questioning whether the good old email marketing has a future.

In 2021, is email marketing still effective?

Here are 5 reasons why it may still make sense.

1. It is cheaper than social media marketing

Every entrepreneur wants to spend as little money as possible and to be left with as much as possible. Unfortunately, while social media marketing may offer more targeted options, they don’t come cheap.

The days when Facebook would let you accumulate thousands of followers or likes and then reach most of them with your posts are long gone. This is 2021, not 2011.

Marketers on big social media platforms are always lamenting that their organic reach has plummeted over time.

Pages with tens of thousands of followers are only able to reach a handful at any one time. it’s so bad for most, that reaching just 1% of your fans is a tall order.

Now you have to pay to play. Facebook and the other social media companies require that you to spend lots of money to reach people who already like your page. It may be unethical, but that’s how capitalism works.

Email marketing on the other hand does not have this problem.

Once you have acquired a mailing list, once you have built a fan base, they are yours to market to as you wish, without having your hands tied.

Companies like eSputnik will let you send emails to literally thousands of your fans for a fraction of what Facebook charges.


2. Email marketing is easy to customize and increase brand recognition

Unlike newer methods of online marketing like using influencers, the good old email marketing ensures that you are always in control of your brand.

The messaging is originating from you and you know who the message is going to. It is quite easy to automate, customize and personalize.

Platforms like eSputnik offer you a lot of automation options, especially for online stores and eCommerce businesses.

Only through email will you be able to offer related product recommendations to existing customers, automate abandoned cart reminders and so much more.

While social media marketing may let you reach more potential customers, many of these will require a little push to turn into actual customers. Email reminders work exceptionally well.


3. It’s an effective way to keep customers informed

No business is happy with a one-time customer. The name of the game today is either regular subscription or at the very least repeat customers.

While other forms of marketing may be effective in bringing you new customers, only email marketing has the ability to hook them to become regulars.

Introducing a new product in your shop, it’s likely an older customer who bought a related product may be interested. With email, you will reach them free and fast.


4. Email marketing is targeted

Compared to other forms of marketing like influencer, text messages or even the more traditional TV/newspaper, email marketing is much more targeted.

While it’s true that social media marketing trumps email in this regard, the latter is actually still pretty effective. In some aspects, better than social.

With a customer email database/list, you know your customers’ spending habits and interests based on past purchases. You can then easily retarget them with similar products or add-ons.

Social media marketing does not give you this amount of options, mainly because the platforms control the user data and not you.


5. Emails get lost in the noise less

While it’s true the importance given to emails has gone down of the years, receiving an email is still held in high regard compared to other forms of marketing.

Scrolling on your Instagram timeline, you will be bombarded with hundreds of ads. Many of these get lost in the noise, making them less effective.

An email however tends to command your attention. Most people have even turned on phone notifications, ensuring the mail catches their attention.

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