The Top Stories on the Internet Today (Thursday November 19)

November 19, 2020

Here are some of today’s biggest headlines from select sources across the world.

Boeing’s 737 Max gets approval to fly passengers again

The Federal Aviation Administration issued an order Wednesday that paved the way for the troubled Boeing 737 Max to carry passengers again, ending the jet’s 20-month grounding.

Pfizer coronavirus vaccine was 95% effective with no safety concerns

Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine is 95% effective in preventing Covid-19 infections, even in older adults, and caused no serious safety concerns, the company said Wednesday.

Ethiopian troops are advancing on Tigray’s capital, says government spokesman

Ethiopian federal troops are closing in on Tigray’s capital of Mekelle, Redwan Hussein, the government spokesperson for the state of emergency task force, told CNN on Wednesday.

Israel strikes targets in Syria after discovery of IEDs in Golan Heights

Israel’s military carried out a series of strikes on targets in Syria early Wednesday morning, including a site at the Damascus International Airport used as Iranian headquarters, following the discovery of improvised explosive devices planted in the Golan Heights, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

‘Just ridiculous’: CNN speaks to Georgia voter the Trump campaign falsely accused of casting ballot in the name of a dead woman

President Donald Trump’s campaign and Fox News host Tucker Carlson alleged last week that a vote cast by a Georgia woman named Deborah Jean Christiansen was fraudulent.

Dinosaurs were doing well — until the asteroid hit

Dinosaurs were doing well and could have continued to dominate Planet Earth if they had not been wiped out by an asteroid, new research has found.

Lil Wayne charged with firearm possession

Ten months after the initial incident, Lil Wayne ‘s gun possession has resulted in his being charged with a federal offense that carries a potential 10-year prison sentence if he is convicted.

A ‘Covid-free’ flight just landed in London. CNN’s Richard Quest was on board

(CNN) – A transatlantic passenger flight that, even in the age of Covid-19, feels safe — United Airlines flight 14 from Newark which landed at Heathrow Airport early on Tuesday seemed to be exactly that.

Covid vaccine: Pfizer says ‘94% effective in over-65s’

The coronavirus vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech appears to protect 94% of adults over 65 years old. More data released from their continuing phase three trial suggests it works equally well in people of all ages and ethnicities. The companies say they will now apply for authorisation for emergency use of the jab in the US.

Africa Live: Son revives Fela Kuti’s anti-establishment party – BBC News

While much of the nation watched Comoros’ footballers beat Kenya in Sunday’s Africa Cup of Nations qualifier, 54 inmates took the opportunity to break free from the Moroni prison at around 19:00 local time (16:00 GMT). Among the escapees, who are not considered dangerous criminals, 13 have so far been arrested.

Kenya arrests three health workers after BBC Africa Eye exposé

Fred Leparan, a clinical social worker at the hospital, facilitated the sale of an abandoned two-week-old baby boy to undercover reporters, later accepting 300,000 shillings ($2,700;£2,000) in cash.

Apple slashes commission fees to developers on its App Store

At present, the only way for developers to offer native apps – rather than those that run via a web browser – for iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and the Apple TV set-top box is via the firm’s App Store.

7 Charged With Stealing Millions In COVID Aid, Using It To Buy Lamborghini, Porsche

Seven people in two states have been charged with allegedly stealing millions of dollars in federal coronavirus relief funds, some of which was spent on a Porsche and Lamborghini sports car, authorities said Tuesday.

Trump Posts News So Fake That Tucker Carlson Had To Apologize For It

President Donald Trump posted some fake news on Tuesday night, sharing a Fox News story by Tucker Carlson that Carlson himself had already apologized for broadcasting. Trump’s tweet linked to a report by Carlson claiming that dead people had voted in Georgia, a state won by President-elect Joe Biden.

Trump Pays $3 Million For Partial Wisconsin Vote Recount

MADISON, Wis. (AP) – President Donald Trump has paid $3 million for a partial recount in Wisconsin but has yet to file a petition indicating which counties it is targeting, the Wisconsin Elections Commission said Wednesday. The Trump campaign has told the commission that it will file the petition by the 5 p.m.

PlayStation takes over London’s Underground signs with iconic shapes

Sometimes marketing stunts make so much sense we can’t help but stan. PlayStation has teamed up with Transport for London to temporarily rebrand some of the city’s iconic Underground stations with the console’s signature shapes, marking the release of the PS5.

Twitter introduced Fleets and there’s a real love/hate reaction online

Fleets, effectively Twitter’s version of Instagram and Snapchat Stories, rolled out on Tuesday. The reaction was, well, mixed…but certainly strong. In case you don’t know how Stories work, a Fleet is basically a tweet that disappears in 24 hours. They now appear on the top of most folks’ timelines on the Twitter mobile app.

Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ perfectly recreated these real Princess Diana outfits

In addition to being a beloved public figure, Princess Diana was one of the most influential fashion icons of the late 20th century. Her iconic style was copied by women all around the world, and some of the dresses, gowns, and casual outfits she wore are among the most recognizable looks in fashion history.

Bill Gates was not expecting all the unhinged COVID-19 conspiracy theories

After warning about the dangers of a pandemic for years, Bill Gates looks like the most prescient man in America. But there was one thing he did not see coming: the conspiracy theories swirling around the coronavirus epidemic, and the fact that he would be at the center of many of them.

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