Miguna Miguna Offers to Swear in Trump as ‘People’s President’

November 5, 2020

In this ongoing US presidential election, it is looking like former Vice President Joe Biden will defeat President Trump.

The battle has come down to just a few states, namely Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada. In all of them, the outstanding votes skew heavily for Biden, owing to the fact that they are in large metro areas that traditionally vote Democrat.

Another factor why Biden has a very high chance of winning is because virtually all remaining votes are mail-in-ballots. On the campaign trail, Trump told his supporters to shun sending their ballots by the mail, and instead vote in person.

They followed this advice to the letter and now close to 80% of the mail ballots are going for Biden. That means Trump’s votes are all but counted, while Biden’s keep trickling in.

But as expected, Trump is not going out without a fight.

Notoriously competitive, the president is not known to follow any rules as long as the end result is him winning.

With defeat in sight, he has sent out his lawyers to courts in the US to stop the count as it stands. It is unclear whether he will get his wish, but having recently filled the Supreme Court with friendly judges, he just might.

On a lighter note, Kenya has found itself in an almost similar situation. In 2017, opposition leader Raila Odinga declared himself winner, and went ahead to perform a mock swearing-in.

Having not secured the services of the real Chief Justice, Raila had to settle for lawyer Miguna Miguna to perform that task. That of course came with serious repercussions for the lawyer, who was deported and has been unable to return to the country to this day.

That did not however stop him from offering the same service to Donald Trump, who is expected to continue contesting the results.

On Twitter, Miguna wrote. “To Mr. @realDonaldTrump: I am an experienced Barrister & Solicitor in Ontario, Canada. I have received instructions from millions of Kenyans asking me to swear you in as “The People’s President.” Please get in touch so that we can discuss my fees and other incidentals. MM.”

President Trump is yet to take him up on that offer, but we’ll keep you informed.

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