Meet Fashionista And Stylist Christie Obiero

November 2, 2020

Christie Obiero is a Nairobi-based fashionista and stylist behind the ‘Christyles’ brand. The Most stylish People Choice Award winner also doubles up as a fashion writer for True Love magazine.

Ms Obiero is also a styling assistant at I-Style. She also runs an eponymous blog where she shares styling tips.

She talked about style and fashion with PeopleDaily.

Is image important?

I believe that image is important because it helps people trust your brand. Trust translates into brand loyalty hence making it easy for them to buy into what you tell or sell to them.

We all first judge a person by how they look even before they speak. First impressions can either work for or against you, so it is best to curate an image that marries with what you want to achieve as you never get a second chance at first impressions. So, impress.

When did your love for fashion start?

I’ve always loved dressing up ever since I was a little girl. You would find my nose in any copy of any fashion magazine that I could find my hands on.

But I would say that I became more experimental and keen about what I wear when I started blogging in 2016.

How can you describe your fashion, and has it evolved over time?

I would define my style as sporty chic because I love dressing up glamorously, but comfortably as well.

You can look good while still being comfortable is my personal motto. The beautiful thing about fashion and personal style is that you can change it up at any given point in time. So, yes, my style has evolved.

What does the job of a stylist entail?

The stylist’s job basically includes getting outfits, accessories and shoes for a client.

Of course the stylist and client first start by discussing what is the suitable theme for the job, be it an advert, video or photoshoot and creating a mood board, which guides the stylist while she is sourcing and looking for the outfits.

How is the personal shopper trend getting on in Kenya?

I am still very new to this and would, therefore not have enough information to authoritatively comment on the matter.

I can, however, say that Kenyans are more discerning about fashion and willing to pay personal shoppers for the convenience of getting the looks they want without the hustle of sourcing for the items.

Which style icons do you look up to?

It would be Kenya’s Joy Kendi and Kiitana from Nigeria. Their styles are very bold and instant attention grabbers.

They own their styles with confidence and pizzazz, which is just inspiring.

Which is your best fashion buy?

My snake print handbag that doubles up as a matte black handbag as well. I am obsessed!

In your opinion, what would make a man stylish?

A stylish man for me would be one who deliberately chooses the outfit he is wearing ensuring that the print, fit and colour flatter his physical appearance and reflects his personality as well.

What is your fashion pet peeve?

Showing bra straps, especially when wearing tube tops or dresses. The bra industry has really evolved from clear straps to strapless bras. Showing bra straps shouldn’t still be a thing honestly.

Which is that one piece of clothing that every woman should own and why?

Every woman should own at least two print outfits. This is because print has a way of elevating one’s mood and therefore, when you are having a bad day, wearing print could help uplift your mood. Try it out and see.

Any style advise?

The world has different ideas about what is beautiful or fashionable. No matter what advice you read or get about dressing and fashion, remember that beauty and fashion is personal.

Experiment and work on what makes you feel good and beautiful while not sacrificing comfort.

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