DNG On Divorce, “I Shouldn’t Have Ignored Red Flags”

November 5, 2020

Radio personality Davidson Ngibuini, alias DNG, opened up about his short-lived marriage to Yvette Nungari saying he should have taken the relationship red flags seriously.

Speaking on ‘Cleaning the Airwaves’, the renowned hype man said fundamental and ideological differences broke his 9-month marriage.

“I got married in March 2015 but filed for divorce in December 2015. I think I fell in love with the idea that this marriage could work since I always wished to settle down and have a family of my own,” said DNG.

“Fundamental ideological differences made my marriage not work. Things like traditions, locations where we lived, and where the family was to be and wealth,” he explained.

DNG said he had seen all the red flags and even canceled his engagement, but their best couple intervened and helped them settle differences.

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“I was in love, I expected things to work, so I didn’t look at the red flags seriously, which I should have,” he said.

“The understanding that I had about a relationship is different. I now understand that people must be willing to walk in the same direction and walk with each other openly and be honest with each other. Those are lessons I shouldn’t have learnt had our marriage worked.”

DNG also addressed the issue of materialism in marriage.

“Materialism is also some of the things that people don’t discuss openly. For example, I was not going to take bank loans to impress a woman by getting them a good car and to show the society that I have made it,” he said.

“I better live in a one-bedroom house since I validate and push myself to work every day and I give myself the credit for what I do.”

DNG said he is still scarred from the failed marriage but he has not given up on love.

“Time is a beautiful healer. It took me about a year but the scars are there for life. The memory is there; though it’s a non-issue, it is still there,” he said.

“But although my relationship didn’t work, it doesn’t make me give up on love.”

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