PHOTOS – Check Out Maureen Waititu’s New Crib After Frankie Kicked Her Out

October 30, 2020

YouTube content creator Maureen Waititu is full of gratitude after moving out of her baby daddy’s house and into her beautiful new abode.

Just days after she claimed former bedfellow Frankie Justgym It kicked her out of their house in Westlands, Waititu took to Instagram to share photos of her new abode while thanking her partners in the relocation.

“All glory to God for His mercies and our new home. This week I’ll be appreciating the team that made my move and settling down smooth??.
Finding a home is hectic! I engaged a couple of agents but @musillihomes1 came through so efficiently in helping me find the best bargain and a cozy home. If you’re in the same journey, Check out @musillihomes1 they are super legit!

“Now, I love love what @safvicfurnitureenterprises did with my seats! They changed my Quebec recliner cover and padded it up which is not easy at all- from a dusty brown to a beautiful shade of grey with the best and latest material that is child friendly. Meaning that in case of spillage, cleaning is super easy.

“Let’s talk about the new bed!!! ?️???. @safvicfurnitureenterprises fondly calls it the Maldives bed and I love it! It came with an ottoman and 2 side tables which I haven’t explored yet and do can’t wait to! I sleep like a baby now,” she wrote.

The mother of two added: “I’m here to tell you that I appreciate and love love you guys so much. Also there’s a new moving houses video going up on my YouTube channel.”

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