Leading Bitcoin Pioneer, Pessacoin, Comes To The Rescue Of Students Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

October 8, 2020

Even as the uncertainties regarding the opening of schools grips harder, more and more students have continued to benefit largely with the benevolence occasioned by the ONE CHILD COIN Campaign.

The campaign, that was created and championed by leading Forex trading company 51 Capital, in conjuction with bitocin poinner Pessacoin, seeks to reward brilliant school-going kids with a talent in essay-writing and reading skills too.

One such kid, among hundreds who thronged the Pessacoin offices in Westlands, Nairobi today, is Rihanna Wangechi, a brilliant 13-year old whose mastery of the Queens language and exceptional writing skills blew everyone away.

“She’s impressive. Like so many of her type. All these kids you’re seeing here, they’ve made me so proud. I’m happy that, even after seven months at home, they’re still able to write so well, be so fluent, so gifted. It’s a fresh breathe of air,” Nasra Sway, Pessacoin’s President, says.

The children, both from primary schools and secondary schools, were all feted and gifted with an array of goodies that ranged from books, novels, writing materials and even snacks.

Rayaan Murugi, one of the beneficiaries of the ONE CHILD COIN Campaign, says that the move has seen her not just expand her writing skills but also earn a certificate while at it.

“It’s amazing to be part of this movement. It’s amazing to learn about Pessacoin. About virtual money, how to create it, earn from it and save from it. As a child of a single mother, it’s a great step for my mother who now uses the platform to earn and save money for me. I’m thankful, “.

Ian Scott, one of the company’s media executives, lauded the students for their amazing work, brilliance and skills, “You’re exceptional . You’re brilliant and you’re talented. Keep up the good work, keep your heads up and remain grounded. That’s what will get you where we are. Where your parents are. And more importantly, remember to educate yourself on the merits of virtual money and you will never go wrong,’.

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