‘How Could I Smell the Source of Money?’ – Oscar Sudi Pleads Innocence Over NHIF millions

October 14, 2020

Kapsaret MP Oscar Sudi has denied any wrongdoing after being grilled over the loss of Sh150 million from the National Hospital Insurance Fund.

According to reports, two of Sudi’s cars were bought using money whose trail leads to NHIF accounts.

Sources for ‘The Star’ newspaper said the cars were paid for by a lawyer who said the cash came from the sale of land. But police insist the cash was from NHIF and was meant for patients’ treatment in India.

Following summons by the Economic Fraud Unit, Sudi was Tuesday grilled for hours at the DCI headquarters.

He later took to social media to plead innocence saying the cash was from a legitimate transaction of sale of property.

“I have been grilled at DCI offices from 6am to 5pm. I was questioned about a transaction where I sold my land in Eldoret Town to a company that wanted to build a hospital. DCI are now alleging that Purchaser’s money was wired from @nhifkenya through the company to me. How could I smell the source of money?” he posed.

He added: “The transaction between me and the said company was completed after I received the money. As a willing seller, I cannot smell the source of money that I received. So far, I have responded to all the questions they were asking. Iendelee namna hiyo.”

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