Ekuru Aukot Raids Thirdway Alliance Offices With 20 Men

October 2, 2020

Ekuru Aukot on Thursday, October 1 reportedly stormed Thirdway Alliance Party offices in Lavington in the company of 20 men.

The party’s Secretary-General Frederick Okango said the expelled party leader tried to access the office despite a court order barring him.

“He (Aukot) stormed the offices with 20 goons who were armed trying to access the office against the court order, because he was expelled. There has been an altercation,” Okango told Kenyans.co.ke.

According to the Thirdway Alliance Sec-Gen, the altercation resulted in damages on the premises after the men damaged the gate in an attempt to gain entry.

Scenes outside the Thirdway Alliance offices at Lavington

“We told them that unless they have a court order, we will not give them access to the office,” Okango said adding that police also arrived at the scene.

He also claimed that Ekuru Aukot issued threats to the members who had locked the offices.

“Aukot is demanding to enter the office to take his things against a court order. He is not welcome here as he is not a party member,” said Okango.

The matter was reported at Muthangari Police station under OB No. 31/01/10/2020.

Aukot was barred from accessing the premises following his expulsion from the party over allegations of financial impropriety and lack of transparency to party members.

The part also wrote to him demanding Sh5 million for allegedly using Party office to conduct private business through his law firm.

“On diverse dates between February 2018 and August 2020, you used our client’s offices to conduct your private commercial business under EA LAW consulting, full particulars and information whereof is well within your knowledge. A proper computation of the period within which you unlawfully used our clients offices is for a period of 30 months. To that extent, our client’s charges are at the rate of Ksh150,000 per month,” the letter reads in part.

Aukot is also accused of sponsoring goons to break a door to the offices, which has been valued at Sh500,000.

“On or about 27th August 2020, you caused a group of goons to destroy a double mahogany wooden door that grants access to the offices of our client. The costs of replacement of the said door is assessed at Sh500,000,” added the letter dated September 11.

“Unless we receive your settlement cheque of Sh5,000,000 and our collection charges of Sh500,000 within seven (7) days of receipt of this letter, our instructions are to commence appropriate recovery proceedings against you at your own risk as to court costs and advocates fees.”

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