The Top Stories on the Internet Today (Friday September 25)

September 25, 2020

Here are some of the stories making headlines today.

Live updates: Breonna Taylor case

By Melissa Macaya, Meg Wagner, Veronica Rocha and Mike Hayes, CNN Updated 1:55 p.m. ET, September 23, 2020 Crowd marches in Louisville after grand jury announcement A crowd of demonstrators started marching in downtown Louisville after a grand jury announced that one of the three officers involved in the death of Breonna Taylor was indicted.

Senate resolution to honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg blocked after partisan fighting over language

The US Senate failed to agree on language for a resolution honoring the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a sign of how divided the chamber is over the Supreme Court vacancy.

New York judge rules Eric Trump must sit for deposition before election

A New York state judge ruled Wednesday that Eric Trump must sit to be deposed by the state attorney general’s office by October 7, denying his request to delay an interview as part of an investigation into the Trump Organization until after the presidential election, according to the attorney general’s office.

Japanese giant Gundam robot shows off its moves

A giant robot based on a character from a classic anime series has undergone testing in the Japanese city of Yokohama.

Rep. Ilhan Omar on Trump’s racist attack: ‘He spreads the disease of hate’

Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar hit back at President Donald Trump, calling him “racist” after he disparaged her Tuesday during a campaign rally and falsely implied that she’s not American.

A newly discovered asteroid will pass close to Earth on Thursday

In a year that seemingly keeps on giving, perhaps it’s not so surprising that NASA’s newly discovered asteroid called 2020 SW will give earth a not so socially distant pass.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik welcome daughter

Singer Zayn Malik and model Gigi Hadid are officially new parents.

WWII bomb cleared from a resort beach after it was exposed during an unusually low tide

A live bomb from WWII was successfully detonated this week, after it was found on the shore of the Bristol Channel in England.

Police officer shot during Breonna Taylor protests

A police officer has been shot as thousands of people in the US city of Louisville protest after a grand jury decided no-one would be charged directly with the death of Breonna Taylor. Ms Taylor, 26, a hospital worker, was shot multiple times as officers stormed her home on 13 March.

Rwandan genocide orphan’s ‘miracle’ WhatsApp reunion

A girl who was orphaned at the age of two during the 1994 Rwandan genocide has recently found some of her relatives thanks to the “miracle” of social media.

Trump won’t commit to peaceful transfer of power

US President Donald Trump has refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses November’s election. “Well, we’ll have to see what happens,” the president told a news conference at the White House. “You know that.”

China’s new richest person is a bottled water tycoon

The richest person is China is a bottled water tycoon, knocking Alibaba founder Jack Ma from his mantle. Zhong Shanshan founded Nongfu Spring in 1996 in the Zhejiang province on China’s Eastern coast. The Bloomberg Billionaires Index now puts Mr Shanshan in top spot with wealth of $58.7bn (£46.2bn).

Westpac bank to pay record Australian fine over laundering breaches

“The failure to pass on information… undermines the integrity of Australia’s financial system and hinders Austrac’s ability to track down the origins of financial transactions, when required to support police investigations,” said the regulator’s boss Nicole Rose last year.

Biden: Justice Must Come For Breonna Taylor, But ‘Violence Is Never Acceptable’

“In the wake of her tragic death, we mourn with her mother, family and community, and ask ourselves whether justice could be equally applied in America,” Biden said. “I know for so many people today’s decision does not answer that call.”

Trump Says ‘We’re Gonna Have To See’ About Peaceful Transfer Of Power

Asked at a press conference Wednesday if he would “commit to a peaceful transferal of power” if he lost the election, Trump said: “Well, we’re gonna have to see what happens.” The president then tried, again, to delegitimize mail-in voting, saying: “You know that I’ve been complaining very strongly about the ballots.

Sean Hannity’s Bestselling Book Got A Boost From The GOP

Sean Hannity’s new book, which debuted atop the New York Times nonfiction bestseller list, got a boost from the Republican National Committee. Records from the Federal Election Commission show that the RNC spent over $400,000 in August on “donor mementos” from Barnes & Noble, and Porchlight Books.

TikTok bans ads for fasting apps and weight loss supplements

Generation Z’s favorite app, TikTok, is making moves to make sure its young fans stay healthy. In an announcement on Wednesday, TikTok rolled out a number of new policies, including one that bans advertisements for fasting apps and weight loss supplements on its platform.

Seth Meyers ridicules Trump’s weird fake Melania story

“A weird dynamic has developed with Trump where he routinely says some of the most depraved, authoritarian things a president has ever uttered and as a nation we mostly just let them pass by without comment,” said Late Night host Seth Meyers on Wednesday. “We treat him like a guy handing out leaflets on the subway.”

‘Enola Holmes’ is a sweet beginner mystery for Netflix’s newest detective

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Ellen DeGeneres addresses workplace allegations in ‘Ellen’ monologue: ‘I take that very seriously’

Ellen is back for Season 18, but not without significant shakeups in the wake of toxic workplace allegations over the summer. Host Ellen DeGeneres addressed the allegations directly as promised in her first monologue of the season, in front of a virtual audience.

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