The Top Stories on the Internet Today (Thursday August 13)

August 13, 2020

Here are some of the leading stories making headlines from around the world today.

Trump reverts to stereotypes as campaign fumbles to respond to Harris pick

It took President Donald Trump less than two minutes to reach for the word “nasty” as he reacted to California Sen. Kamala Harris’ historic selection as the first Black woman to join a major-party ticket.

Live updates: Biden announces 2020 election VP pick

Former Vice President Joe Biden named Sen. Kamala Harris to be his running mate this fall. The moderate former prosecutor from California has spent her career breaking barriers. Here’s what we know: She is the first Black and South Asian American woman chosen for national office by a major political party.

Trump says Americans will have to learn Chinese if Biden wins but offers little condemnation of Beijing

In a pair of interviews on Tuesday, President Donald Trump railed against his competitor for being weak on China — but stopped short himself of condemning China’s repression of its Uyghur ethnic minority or its crackdown on political freedoms in Hong Kong.

South Korea is building its first aircraft carrier

South Korea plans to start building its first aircraft carrier next year, and acquire fighter jets to operate on it, the country’s Defense Ministry has announced.

The new Cold War over vaccines is here

Would you trust a vaccine if Vladimir Putin told you it was safe?

Corpse hidden for 30 years found during renovation of $41.2 million French mansion

French authorities have opened a murder investigation after a 30-year-old corpse was found in a basement during renovations of a Parisian mansion that sold for 35.1 million euros (about $41.2 million).

‘Squad’ member Ilhan Omar defeats well-funded Democratic primary challenger in Minnesota, CNN projects

Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar, a member of the progressive “Squad” in Congress, defeated a well-funded challenger in a Minnesota Democratic primary on Tuesday, CNN projected.

Tesla shares shoot up after announcement of five-for-one stock split

Tesla’s stock jumped as much as 6% in after-hours trading Tuesday after the company announced a five-for-one stock split, set to go into effect on August 31.

Boeing loses more jet orders

Boeing lost orders for another 43 jets in July. But that’s actually an improvement for the troubled aircraft maker’s order book.

Donald Trump calls Kamala Harris a ‘liar,’ ‘nasty’ and ‘mean’

On Tuesday, Biden tapped California Sen.

Biden is mocked for using a SCRIPT during his call to Kamala Harris

Joe Biden published a photo on Instagram Tuesday showing him calling Harris Biden, 77, was mocked for having a script during the call to his running mate The script had the words ‘three reasons’, leading to speculation as to the reasons Biden also held a phone to the laptop, suggesting someone else was on the call Donald Trump supporters have mocked Joe Biden for using a script when he rang Kamala Harris to ask her to be his vice presidential nominee.

Taylor Swift and LeBron James lead celebs congratulating Kamala Harris

Joe Biden ended weeks of speculation about his vice presidential choice on Tuesday with the selection of Senator Kamala Harris LeBron James, Taylor Swift and John Legend were among the most popular Twitter users to cheer on Harris on Biden’s ticket Biden’s selection marks just the third time in history

Barack Obama praises choice of Kamala Harris as Biden’s VP

Former president Barack Obama praised Biden on Tuesday for selecting California Sen Kamala Harris as his vice presidential running mate Obama said Biden ‘nailed this decision’ and Harris is more than prepared for job Hillary Clinton also joined in on the praises along with Stacey Abrams, Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and other top Democrats Biden selected Harris as his running mate for November’s election on Tuesday Former president Barack Obama joined top Democrats on Tuesday to praise Joe Biden’s decision to select California Sen Kamala Harris as his running mate in the November election.

See the grim demise of Canada’s last ice shelf

The Arctic is unraveling. This rapidly warming region – now heating up three times faster than the global average – has a new casualty. Last week, the Canadian Ice Service said the nation’s last fully intact ice shelf (the large ends of glaciers that float over the ocean) had collapsed.

Tinder slammed over mysterious premium pricing, transparency and data use concerns

Tinder users have known for a while that the price you pay for the dating app’s premium service, Tinder Plus, might not be the same amount the people you’re swiping are shelling out. Tinder has already settled an age discrimination lawsuit in California, which saw users over 29 in the state – who, like all U.S.

Mia Khalifa auctions glasses from her adult films to support Lebanon

While sports commentator Mia Khalifa was only in the porn industry for three months, her impact has lasted years. In recent months, she’s used her massive platform for activism, such as being transparent about the perils of doing mainstream porn.

Joe Biden built up the VP hype and then just… tweeted it out

Everybody freaked out about who it would be, then he just… tweeted it out. We’re talking, of course, about former Vice President and presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden picking California Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate in the 2020 presidential election after weeks of hype.

Every Android phone will now help detect earthquakes

Everyone with an Android smartphone will now help Google accurately report when there’s an earthquake. Starting Tuesday, Android phones running operating system 5.0 and above will pick up certain seismic wave activity and report it to Google. Google will then use that data in search results and directly warn Android users in California.

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