Watch: CHILLING Moment Kayole Man Falls From 4-Storey Building Escaping From Baboon

July 8, 2020

A man from Kayole estate in Nairobi is nursing multiple injuries after he fell from the roof of an apartment building while trying to escape from a baboon.

The chilling incident was caught in a video that was shared online on Tuesday, July 7. The clip shows Dickson Maina, a matatu driver, precariously hanging on the roof of a four-storey building where a stray baboon is perched.

Behind the baboon, another man is seen throwing an object at the animal, which forces it to charge towards Mr Maina. In an attempt to escape, Mr Maina misses a step on the balcony and loses his grip and balance, plunging down amid screams from women and children.

Worse still, the matatu driver landed on an iron sheet fence, sustaining deep cuts on both his thumbs and on his right cheek, and a broken arm.

According to Maina, he scaled the wall out of curiosity after residents had raised an alarm over the primate.

“I heard people shouting then climbed the balcony to check out what the problem was, that’s when I saw the baboon charging at me. It wanted to bite me so I jumped but missed the balcony and landed in a plot fenced with iron sheets,” narrated Maina.

The clip also captured Maina walking away from the scene, before residents rushed him to Arrow Web Hospital for First Aid. He was later transferred to Mama Lucy Hospital for further treatment and discharged.

Speaking to Standard, Maina said he is required to go for a check-up after every two days. He also said he will explore the possibility of seeking compensation from Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS).

“An animal like that is dangerous, the way he charged at me he wanted to bite me. If it can attack me and I’m a grown-up what if it meets a child? If possible I want authorities to pay me, I will take action but first I will give myself time to recover,” he said.

Watch Maina narrate his ordeal in the clip below.

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