U.S Donates Ksh5bn to Kenya’s COVID-19 War

July 2, 2020

The US government has pledged Ksh5.3 billion ($50 million) to boost Kenya’s Health sector and economic recovery in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

The funds will be disbursed through the US Agency for International Development (USAID) to meet the immediate and longer-term challenges that the virus is posing.

“The American people have always been generous to those in need around the world, and today Kenya is facing the compound challenges of Covid-19, flooding and locusts,” US Ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter said, adding that they are focusing on ensuring resources get to the counties and local communities.

About Ksh1.5 billion ($15 million) of the funds will be used to strengthen health and water systems and ensure effective communication and community engagement to ensure Kenyans are healthy.

Ksh610 million will ensure children are educated through distance learning, young people gain jobs in emerging areas, and citizen-responsive governance helps mitigate possible conflict, violence, and civil unrest.

A further Ksh2.5 billion will be used to ensure small businesses stay afloat.

“The funds will directly benefit Kenyans. We partner with the Kenyan government, NGOs, civil society and local organizations and institutions to support the Kenyan people. The U.S. requires our partners to adhere to rigorous reporting requirements and standards,” USAID Mission Director Mark Meassick said.

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