Things to Know About Celebrity Stylist and Suit Designer, Nimrod Nick

July 6, 2020

Nimrod Nick is a Kenyan suit designer, stylist and tailor who has dressed the likes of media personality Jeff Koinange, rapper Prezzo, and Jalas.

He boasts a unisex clientele and his suits retail at between Sh10,000 and Sh50,000.

Describe your style in three words.

Classy, respectable and elegant.

What influences your personal style?

It’s all about wanting to look good, respectable and classy. I’m driven by wanting to make a statement that whenever I go out, I would inspire someone on the street to want to throw on a suit.

What inspired you into charting into the suit-dressing business?

It’s always been a passion in me since I was a child. After completing high school in 2012, I decided why not?

While in campus, I would always put on a suit and people would be curious and often complemented me.

I was still stitching my own suits then and people began to order theirs from me.

I took part in the Miss Kenya event where I showcased my designs while still in campus in 2014, 2015 and 2016. This built my reputation as far as the industry is concerned.

What goes behind tailoring your suits?

I always make sure they are well finished, and the quality is second to none.

Which one of your works has made you the most proud?

When I made my mum a suit in 2019. It was the most fulfilling moment for me. Besides that, making personalities such as Jalang’o, Jeff Koinange, Prezzo, Seth Gor and Jimmy Gait, among others, look that good.

In your opinion, what’s easier between working on women’s garments or male wear?

As long as we keep it professional, the goal to make the client happy is achieved with ease and without any bias. I’d say I am always satisfied working on either.

What does it take to piece a perfect look together when it comes to styling in a suit?

Comfort is king. You have to understand this before anything. No reason to force it, and making it as simple as possible without overdoing it is essential.

Who is your inspiration in this craft?

I always say I am my own inspiration because I tend to look into the future of five to 10 years and give myself that backing of ‘that guy is super smart and he thinks as crazy as me’ and envy him. The person I am right now is the person I wanted to be five years ago.

What are the current trends in suits and what’s the future for it?

Currently, the in-thing is looking decent. Keeping it simple, navy blue suits and tuxedos are what’s winning.

People just want to look presentable and classy; there are no more audaciousness of fancy colours.

The future in my eyes and my projects looks like more of reserved colours such as navy blue, grey, pink-striped pieces that you can wear to work and still don over the weekend when you go kicking it with your crew.

Do brands names matter when one is shopping around?

Yes. I love it when clients wear my brand. It gives you prestige that people are wearing a Kenyan brand, or a homemade piece. It’s somewhat important.

We’d catch you dead in?

A full pink suit. That’s so feminine.

Do you have a signature scent?

Yes. I am always Gucci guilty. I hope they pay for this mention.

What next for Nimrod Nick (NN)? 

I want to see brand NN going to a stable place; going beyond my imagination, being worn by the President, his deputy and all Kenyan politicians.

That’s my goal. I have dressed dignitaries, but I want that high-end normalcy.

Also as a person, I’m trying my hand on radio because it’s been on my mind, or I might go for YouTube—you know the future is digital.

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