Kibaki Has Not Been Hospitalised, Says Aide

July 1, 2020

Reports that former President Mwai Kibaki has been hospitalised are hollow and baseless, Kibaki’s Private Secretary Ngari Gituku has said.

According to Gituku, the retired Head of State visited a health facility in Nairobi for routine check up that did not require admission.

“I am reading some quarters saying that he(Kibaki) has been in hospital for 10 days. That is far-fetched. It is completely hollow and far from the truth,” Gituku told the Standard.

He further called on members of the public and the press to respect Kibaki’s privacy.

“I think it is time as Kenyans we also stopped being too intrusive on some of these things that are private, especially one’s health. It is normal and a routine thing for all of us to go to hospital, and so is the case with His Excellency.

“We should not make it like it is abnormal. But on talk that he is admitted and has been there for 10 days that is gross exaggeration. He visited the hospital and went home,” Gituku said.

It had been reported on Monday that Kibaki was admitted for 10 days after complaining of abdominal pains.

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